2 timothy 4:14: repaying the enemy in ghanaian context

  • Daniel Berchie Valley View University, Ghana


This study seeks to determine the significance of Paul’s statement that the Lord will repay Alexander for he has done him much evil (2 Tim 4:14). The question of whether this statement can be treated as a personal vindictiveness of Paul or a theological statement has engaged scholars’ attention.  Having studied the concept of God repaying the enemies of His people and His word in both the OT and the NT, this study first suggests that Paul’s statement is reminiscent of this concept. Second, it is normative in that it is Christological. This means that when the gospel/kerygma of the word and/or deeds is opposed such a statement may be warranted.  It is in this context of proclaiming the gospel that Paul is to be understood in making such pronouncement.  In particular, Ghanaian Christians, whose traditional belief encourages such a statement as ‘Nyame ntua wo ka’ (God repay you), find a biblical confirmation in perspective (cf. Matt. 10: 12-15; Rev 6:9).