Valley View University Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (VVUJMS) is a peer-refereed and open access academic journal that publishes multidisciplinary research articles. The journal started as The Integrator, which has since produced two (2) successful volumes. As part of its reinstitution and transition, the journal assumes its new name to reflect current trends in the industry and to directly affiliate to Valley View University’s unique identity as a credible institution of higher learning.

VVUJMS provides immediate open access to its content as we believe in the principle of making research freely available to students, researchers and policy makers in support of a greater global exchange of learning. Just as its previous volumes, the journal reflects wider trends and issues in academic research and offers an engaging experience to its authors and readers.

VVUJMS accepts original research articles from different epistemological, methodological theoretical, and cultural perspectives and from different regions across the globe. The journal is also indexed in leading indexing databases in order to increase its visibility, readership, and availability.

The journal is currently hosted by the Centre for Academic Research and Engaged Scholarship of Valley View University. The Centre is responsible for the continuity of the journal and it is required to manage calls, review and publication processes of articles that meet the journal’s editorial standards and are, as well, scholarly in nature.

Readers will find the current issue particular intriguing, informative and scholarly as the contributions touch on various thought provoking issues in the respective disciplines represented.

The current issue can be accessed in both print and online versions.